Urban Gardening

A Growing Phenomenon...yes, I said it!

I have always been thoroughly impressed by the confident look of a gardener as they emerge from the garden bearing the fruits of their labour in one or both hands or even a basket full.
There is nothing quite like trying to look nonchalant while walking back to the kitchen buzzing with self pride that you have achieved an edible result from a little patch of dirt.
The same feeling emerges when faced with a unwell child or visitor and walking out to get an herb that you know you can steep in some boiling water and will help their problem.

There is something fundamentally ‘in control’ on a very primitive level. Almost as if we have found something inside that we didn’t really know was us, but we knew it well.

Now, as the population of Australia becomes more and more urban and suburban, we need to rethink just how to achieve this feeling in different, more specific and varied ways.
Great tasting produce is all in the preparation. The soil, the nutrient and the environment in which they grow are integral to the full development of the natural potential of the plants that we grow.

If your intention is to nurture the plants so that they will reach their maximum status then you, in turn will harvest the best fruit and vege that can be grown.

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